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The SISU Way - a whole new approach to learning and a life philosophy about each child reaching their full potential and becoming their own best version of themself – a hero! 

The SISU Way

Heroes of Learning

The SISU Way is a whole new approach to learning and a life philosophy about each child reaching their full potential and becoming their own best version of themselves – a heroes! 

SISU Schools® promote an entrepreneurial mindset and holistic growth.  In the spirit of "less is more" we understand what contributes to a child’s success and well-being.  Each child is a hero in a SISU school!


This revolutionary program is a unique blend of the best educational practices from two of the world's most acknowledged and recognized educational systems: Finnish and American International.  

This powerful combination of overall happiness and entrepreneurial approach to learning ensures success not only in school path but in life.   

SISU Learner Profile

Be the Best You





in Me





SISU students grow up to be balanced and hard-working adults. They understand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and are able to lead a healthy lifestyle.


SISU means persistence, grit, bravery, courage and will power. The SISU mindset means having extraordinary determination and endurance in the face of adversity. It is an action mindset that enables individuals to reach what was considered impossible.


SISU students become global citizens by knowing who they are, where they come from and by appreciating their roots and cultural heritage as well as that of others.


Future working life is unknown but SISU students are well prepared for innovative, creative, and cognitive challenges. They can do what a machine can never.

The SISU Program

Forget the subjects. Think BIG.

We welcome students aged 5-14 years old for the academic year 2023-2024.

We offer the following levels of the SISU Program:

SISU Kids - KG-Preschool (Age 3-5)

SISU Students - Grades 1-7 from the age 6. 

SISU Program is not based on the traditional division of subjects. We think bigger. Throughout elementary and middle school, children study phenomena combining different subjects, especially English, Mathematics, Science and Arts rather than focusing on discreet subjects.

The core contents of the program are five different areas together with the unique SISU skills that prepare students for life. 

SISU program has been prepared by experienced pedagogical experts and teachers with many years of experience in the field of education both in Finland and international contexts and it follows the standards of the Finnish National Core Curriculum.

How Heroes Learn?

Care and

Be Cared For

World of Meaning


Think and Learn

Read and

Speak Up
World of Languages




Explore and

Do Your Maths

World of Wonder

Do It Yourself

Take Action

Move and Eat

Your Greens

World of Health

Express and Interact

Create and Be

World of Expression

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